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2 and 4 SQUARE

We have just recently painted eight 4-square courts on the basketball and tennis courts by our school. On Wednesday's I am teaching my outdoor classes how to play 2 and 4-Square. We are intending on setting up a 2-square tournament to be played during lunch and break times. I've attached a couple of "you tube" videos that help explain how to play 2 and 4 Square.

I look forward to seeing you playing on the courts and if you are interested, be sure to sign up for the tournament.

Four Square Rules:

  1. Players must strike the ball with an open hand
  2. Players must contact the ball with your palm up and fingers pointing down (no side arms or overhand shots).
  3. Players cannot cradle or catch the ball. A bus stop may be used to stop balls hit in the air.
  4. Except on the serve, players must make contact with the ball with ONE or TWO HANDS.
  5. The lines INSIDE the square are considered OUT and the lines forming the OUTSIDE shape of the square are considered IN.
  6. Any disagreement can be settled by a re-serve or a game of RPS - Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Four Square Tournament: 2 vs 2

  1. Games go to 15 points
  2. You must serve to gain a point.
  3. The winner of the rally gets to serve.
  4. A teammate may pass to their partner's square, who then can attack the opposing team's squares.
  5. A point is made if the ball strikes your team's squares (2) and is not successfully returned.

There are parts to this video that are silly, but the rules of the game are explained clearly and in a funny fashion.

A sample of a 2-SQUARE tournament.