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X-Country 2009

Update for October 7th: X-country is cancelled today due to the heavy rainfall warning. It will be rescheduled for October 21st. Be sure to get a run or two in on the long weekend.

Another great year of Cross Country running is ahead of us. We will be starting training sessions next week (Monday, September 14th). The district mentors will not be coordinating the cross country events so your help will be appreciated this year. Especially, when we host our own event at Loyalist field on Wednesday, Sept. 30th.

Please ensure that your children have the following:
  • packed lunch
  • water bottle
  • hat/sunscreen (for sunny days)
  • warm clothes (for cool days)
  • proper running shoes that are tied properly

1. Parents
Please make sure that you pick up your child at 2:30 SHARP! If you make alternative arrangements please send a note to school so that we know who is picking up your child. We had to wait anywhere from 20-45 minutes for parents to pick up their children after the races. We cannot wait this year for late parents to arrive this year as we have to pick up our own children afterwards. Therefore, if you are late in picking your child up from a race, your child will need transportation there and back by their parents to ensure that they will be leaving on time. I am sorry to have to do this but it added a lot of chaos in our lives as well.

2. Behaviour
This is a privledge for your child to be apart of this team. We had a few students not listening and misbehaving last year. This is inappropriate and unsafe behaviour. Your child will be removed from the team if this occurs.

3. Practice
The students must participate in one practice (Monday or Friday) to be able to race in the Wednesday race. If they don't practice... they will not race! Please practice on your own. Our students should have a goal of completing the race without walking so that means that I would like everyone to perform at least a slow jog (not a run) all the way around the course. Please work with your children in increasing their ability to do this. DUE TO A LOT OF STUDENTS WALKING THE COURSE, WE HAVE DECIDED TO HAVE A SET STANDARD FOR OUR STUDENTS TO ACHIEVE BEFORE ATTENDING A RACE. The students are welcome to keep training with the team until they achieve the standard. We will most likely make the standard of completing the course without walking. Therefore, the students will have to work at pacing themselves at a slow jog to complete the course. The focus of our first training session will be about pacing. This is not unfamiliar to our students as we taught this concept all last year in their Physical Education classes.


Practice days:

Mondays - at Lunch time - meet beside the tennis courts (5-10 minutes max).
Fridays - at Lunch time - meet beside the tennis courts (5-10 minutes max)
Encourage your children to go for a 15-20 minute jog sometime over the weekend.

Race days:

DATE 2009

Wednesday, Sept. 23rd
School Bus
McAdam Ave. School
1:15 pm pick up at 2:15pm
Wednesday, Sept. 30th
School Bus
Hosting at the Rugby club (Loyalist Field) due to the closure of Barkers Field.

1:15 pm pick up at 2:15 SHARP!
Wednesday, Oct. 7
South Devon @ Henry Park
1:15 pm pick up at 2:15 SHARP!
Wednesday, Oct. 14
Rain Date – Oct. 21
School Bus
District Meet – Nashwaaksis Middle School
1:15 pm pick up at 2:30 SHARP!
2009 NB Provincial Schools Cross Country Extravaganza
Saturday, October 3rd at Camp Gagetown, Oromocto
Hosted by Oromocto HS, Athletics NB and Fredericton Legion Track Club
Sanctioned by the NBIAA

All participants should meet at the Tent located near the Recreation Centre at Camp Gagetown by 10:30am

Course Description
All events will take place on the 2 loops of the playing fields and rolling hills of Camp Gagetown. The races will be conducted on two spectator-friendly loops of 500m+ and 1000m+ and a combination of various loops will make up the races.

Registration Information and Fee:
The registration fee is $20.00 per team or $5.00 per individual athlete.
Teams can consist of up to 6 athletes per division with 4 to count. All athletes must attend the same school.
Meet registration will be done online through: www.trackiereg.ca. Visit www.anb.ca and click on entries.
Should you have problems please e mail your concerns to Barry Britt at barry_britt11@hotmail.com

Schools who would like to enter more than one team in any division are strongly encouraged to do so. We want to ensure that ALL athletes who want to run can do so and enter as individuals if they so wish.
Grade Divisions:
Division Distance Time (Women) Time (Men)
Grade 4 and below 1000m 11:00 11:15
Grade 5 1500m 11:30 11:45
Grade 6 1500m 12:00 12:15
Grade 7 & 8 2500m 12:40 13:00
Grade 9 & 10 3000m 13:20
Grade 9 & 10 4000m 13:40
Grade 11 & 12 4000m 14:10
Grade 11 &12 5000m 14:40

The top 3 finishers in each age class will receive medals.
Ribbons and Team certificates will be awarded to members of the first six teams in each grade division.

For More Information

Course set up: Carl McIntosh ---- Call 506-357-8074
Registration: See instructions above