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Healthy Halloween!

Halloween is a time for fun and treats! Here are some ideas for healthier treats to use at parties, at home or in the classroom.
· Cookies
· Loaves
· Muffins
· Roasted seeds
· Soup

Cheese and Crackers

Sliced cheddar cheese can be cut into Halloween shapes with small cookie cutters.

Orange and (almost) Black Fruit Platter:
(Include as many varieties as you like!)
· Cantaloupe
· Dark purple grapes
· Dried apricots
· Mangoes
· Nectarines
· Oranges
· Papaya
· Plums
· external image image004.gif?Security=2Tangerines
Orange Vegetable Platter:
· Carrots
· Orange pepper strips
Ghost Gut Dip:
· 1 cup low fat cottage cheese or ricotta cheese
· 1 cup unsweetened pineapple chunks
Whirl all ingredients in a blender. Leave a little lumpy to resemble guts. Serve with appendages of carrot sticks, celery stalks, apple slices, orange sections, cucumber sticks, and banana sticks. Makes 2 cups but doubles easily.

Check out the following website! Games and ideas for this Halloween. http://www.lubbockonline.com/stories/102507/lif_102507022.shtml


Ghost and Goblins – same as Cranes and Crows but using different titles.

Wizards, Elves and Giants
Much like the game of rock, paper, scissors. The Wizard beat the Elf, Elf defeats the Giant and the Giant conquers the Wizard.
Divide the class into two groups. Choose one leader for each group. They will decide which character the group will perform. In case of tie, have each group choose a second character (it may be the same as the first one that they perform).
Both teams line up on a line facing each other (approx 3meters apart). On your command “go”, both teams perform their actions. If one team defeats the other then they chase the other team members and if they are tagged before they reach the safety boundry then they must join their team.
Wizards – Swing both arms in a circle (on the side of your body) and then point to the other team. Sound effect – SWOOSH – for a fireball.
Elves - hold both arms in front of you and wiggle your fingers. Sound effect – high pitch “tee lee lee lee lee”
Giants – hold both arms above your head – Sound effect – GROWL!!!!!
Keep going until everyone is on one team. It’s hilarious when there is only one person on the other side going up against the entire class.

Ghostbusters tag – 4 students (ghostbusters) with a pool noodle (their ectoguns) must run around and tag the ghosts. Once frozen, the ghost must crouch in a ball (round shape) and can only be freed by another ghost who comes and circles them completely once or twice and then taps them on the head lightly.

Igor Dance – play the song Monster Mash.
4 “Igor-steps” (hunch over step-drags) to the right
4 to the left
4 to the right
4 to the left
Repeat with “Frankensteins” (stiff-legged, arms extended)
And then “Count Draculas” (bury nose in crook of elbow, bend low, jump up with a quarter-turn, Macarena-style and yell Boo!)
Start again with the Igors.

You could also have a caller change these up at will (as in a square dance), and have the kids follow along.

Witches in the Glue Pot - You’ll need to put a few Hula-Hoop on the floor. These are the glue pots. The Wizard is It — give him a lightweight magic wand (pool noodle, magic chicken). Everyone else is a witch (or warlock), and when a witch is tagged she gets one foot stuck in the glue pot. However, she can move her other foot freely outside the glue pot as long as the one foot stays put — and now she helps tag the other witches as they fly by. For a variation, the witches may be allowed to hold hands to form chains, so that as long as one has a foot in the glue pot the others may venture outside. The game ends when all the witches/warlocks are caught.

Monster Freeze Dance – put on Monster Mash and have the students perform their silliest monster dances. When the music stops, everyone must freeze.

Relay Races
Get creative with this one—there are lots of silly ways for kids to get from the starting line to the finish! Try having them stagger like zombies, fly on broomsticks like witches, or hop like toads.

Pumpkin Bowling
Take the orange balls and try and knock over the ghosts (pins).

Pass the Pumpkin
Everyone gets in a large circle. The first person is given an orange to place under his chin. He must pass the orange to the next in line but neither may use their hands.