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BPS – Physical Education Discpline Plan

Class Code

Our main objective is to provide a safe, friendly, positive learning environment for all of our students at Barker’s Point. We are focussed on having all of our students experience success in our classes. To do this, we need all of the students to know and obey the following rules. If a student does not then they are affecting our positive, safe, friendly learning and there will be steps taken to eliminate this behaviour.


o Listen to instructions
o Hands off/Feet off policy
o Indoor voice – no screeching
o Be Kind
o Have Fun

Behaviour Management:

1. Yellow and Red Sheet -
When a student is given a warning for doing something inappropriate in the class (repeated talking, hands on or feet on, rough play, disrespect, disrupting the learning environment) their name is placed on a sad circle face and they are placed on the “yellow” sheet. If the behaviour continues they are moved from the yellow sheet to the ‘red’ sheet and are placed on time out. For certain behaviours (ex. rough play) they are immediately moved to the ‘red’ sheet. Students must stay in time out to think about their behaviour and talk with the teacher before resuming activity with the rest of the class. Sometimes, a recess or lunch time detention is needed to quietly talk about the behaviour.

2. Physical Education Behavioural letter homeWhen a student is repeatedly on the red ‘time out’ sheet or is repeatedly doing something inappropriate in the class. We then complete a behavioural letter explaining the situation and send it home to get signed. Students are asked to return the sheet with a chance for the parents to comment, contact us by email or by phone to discuss the situation and possible solutions for the inappropriate behaviour.

3. Student is sent to administrationDepending on the severity of the incident, a student may be sent to the administration immediately for such actions as; hitting, fighting, swearing, etc.

Reward System:

1. Recognition for following;
o following the rules
o being unique and creative
o giving a good effort
o changing for P.E.

2. Two claps for students:
o who provide demonstrations.
o Who ask a question properly (hand up) and/or ask or answer question.
o P.E. Stars of the day
o P.E. Students of the month

3. Recognition Slips:Occassionaly, wee will be sending home a good slip telling our students the things that we like about what they are doing in the gymnasium.

4. Physical Education Students of the month:Two students from each class, one male and one female, are selected as our P.E. Students of the month. Each student will be recognized with a certificate. On the certificate, a description of what the student did to receive the award will be provided.

5. Golden Sneaker Award:Each week a class is selected as the top Physical Education class. A class that listened well, worked hard and got along with their classmates. The winning class gets to display their trophy in their classroom for the month.

6. Parent contactEffort is being made to contact parents whose students are doing really well in class. It would be nice to have more time to do this.