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Both Ms. Wagner and I are very excited to be able to teach your child Physical Education this year. It's great that we can offer 120 minutes/week of structed Physical Education instruction to your children! Although we are offering 120 minutes/week most of that time is spent on teaching our students physical skills so that they can go to a playground and be able to play certain games and activities such as; have a catch, tag games, invasion games (capture the flag) soccer, endurance running, go bowling, etc... This is why we have implemented the Physical Activity homework challenge. This way our students will continue to develop their skills in our Physical Education class and also be active on their own time. We hope that each student will become active on their own time and use the skills that we have taught to meet the 60-90 minutes of physical activity that each child needs each day to be healthy.

To be eligible for the contest you must have at least 30 minutes of physical activity done at home or afterschool in one evening or a Saturday, Sunday/ holiday. You may submit one ballot for each day of the week.
Below are some ideas that your children can do on their own or as a family:

For a print out of a ballot download this file:

Ideas that your children can perform on their own or as a family: If you have a neat game, please email me. This list will be continually updated so please check back from time to time for new ideas.

Geocaching - treasure hunting
Commercial Time Outs- when your favorite show takes a break and goes to a commercial, so should you.
Hide and Seek
Animal Hunt
- take your child's stuffed animals and place them around the house or yard. Have a home base where you must call out one of the stuffed animals name. The kids must go and find that animal and then return to the safari head quarters. To have the children take ownership of the game you can make cards with the drawing of the animal on them. Each time the child arrives back to safari headquarters, they can draw a new card.
Capture the Flag - Two teams, one flag per team set up in their own territory. Goal is to capture the other team's flag, without being caught, and return it to your own flag.
Tag games -
Four Square - use sidewalk chalk to set up a 4 square court. The 4 square court could vary from each square being 1m squared, 2m squared or 3m squared.
Kick the Can - same as hide and seek but your goal is to kick the can before being spotted by the person who is 'it'.
Halloween Games - can be done any time of year.