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NEW - Go for 42 Program

The blue panther lunch time running program has been a huge success and therefore
we are extending the program for another couple of weeks.
Remember the big run is this Saturday, May 8th at 2:00pm at the Crowne Plaza. Registration begins at 1:00-1:45 behind the hotel. There are two runs, a 1km and a 3km (your choice). For further information go to http://www.frederictonmarathon.ca/gofor42.php

New - Summer Community Events

Free Summer Cricket program
Healthy Kids Day

1. NBA 2 Ball competitions

2. Elementary Rock Climbing program

3. Bullying

Novemeber 15th to the 21st if Bully Awareness Week. Please take a moment and talk to your child about this important issue and some strategies in dealing with bullies. This year's theme is "standing up to bullies". Here are two wonderful websites that you should take a look at.


Finally, a reminder that December 17th is BLUE DAY - Anti Bullying Day in New Brunswick. You can visit www.bullyingcanada.ca/content/239637 for more information on this event.
“The goal is to prevent bullying through education and raising awareness in a positive, proactive way.”

4. Welcome back everyone!

We're back for another year and we're looking forward at building onto what the students acheived last year. We've had a couple of changes this year. Ms. Wagner is now teaching grade one. We'll miss her in the gym but we're really glad to have her still at our school. We are very fortunate to have last year's physical education mentor, Mrs. MacDougall as our Physical Education specialist at Barkers Point. She will bring a lot to our program at Barkers Point.

I intend on keeping this site up to date and would love to hear some feedback from you on how to make it better. Please email me if you have some suggestions.

A few suggestions to begin the year:
  1. All students must have indoor sneakers for use in the gymnasium. These shoes must be non-marking. Have your child, scuff the shoe on the tiled floor to see if it leaves a mark or not. Also, shoes must be properly tied. Within the first month, I intend on having some pictures of properly tied shoes. Today's students love wearing untied shoes but it's very unsafe and will likely cause problems with their feet when they get older.
  2. Proper gym clothes - It was great to see students in grade one changing last year. We didn't enforce that the students change but we did want them to at least wear their gym clothes to school on the days that they have Physical Education. The older grades are expected to change as their bodies produce more sweat and with that, more of a stink. They need to change out of their workout clothes and back into their clothes that they wore to school. SHORTS, TRACK PANTS, SWEAT PANTS, T-SHIRTS OR SWEAT SHIRTS ON COLDER DAYS.

We're looking forward to a great year! Please email me at tayne.moore@nbed.nb.ca if you have any questions.

5. H1N1

Very important information! All parents must read and educate their children about this. Please click on "H1N1" for more information.
The following web sites provide useful information regarding the H1N1 Influnza A virus, otherwise known as human swine flu.

5. Winter Olympics

This is an exciting winter for all Canadians as we are hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics. We plan on informing the students about our athletes, the activities they perform and many other projects about the Olympics. We may even hold our own BPS Olympics! Check out this website for a lot of cool things to do: http://www.olympicschool.ca/

6. Soccer


Geocaching What is it? How to get involved?


NEW - Check our PE LINKS. Listed are many great sites that are interactive, promote activity and nutrition and have a lot fun games to play.